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उपनायन n. upanAyana ceremony of investiture with the sacred thread
उपनयन n. upanayana ceremony of investiture with the sacred thread
बटु लभते उपवीतम् उपनयन-संस्कारे sent. baTu labhate upavItam upanayana-saMskAre The brahmin boy receives the sacred thread at the initiation ceremony.
उपनयन n. upanayana that ceremony in which a Guru draws a boy towards himself and initiates him into one of the three twice-born classes
उपनयन n. upanayana application
उपानयन n. upAnayana act of leading near or home (a wife)
उपनयन n. upanayana leading to
उपनयन n. upanayana act of leading to or near
उपनयन n. upanayana introduction [into any science]
उपनयन n. upanayana bringing
उपनयन n. upanayana leading or drawing towards one's self
उपनयन n. upanayana employment
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