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धर्म m. dharma upaniSad
नैगम m. naigama upaniSad
रहस्य n. rahasya upaniSad
औपनिषदिक adj. aupaniSadika upaniSad-like
शतोपनिषद् zatopaniSad hundred upaniSads
प्रतिवेदान्तम् ind. prativedAntam in every upaniSad
मन्त्रोपनिषद् n. mantropaniSad hymns and upaniSads
अद्वैत n. advaita title of an upaniSad
एतदुपनिषद् adj. etadupaniSad following this upaniSad
औपनिषद adj. aupaniSada follower of the upaniSads
बृहन्नारायणोपनिषद् f. bRhannArAyaNopaniSad large or nArAyaNa upaniSad
बृहन्नारायणी f. bRhannArAyaNI large or nArAyaNa upaniSad
सोपनिषत्क adj. sopaniSatka along with the upaniSads on
औपनिषत्क adj. aupaniSatka subsisting by teaching an upaniSad
औपनिषद adj. aupaniSada contained or taught in an upaniSad
उक्तोपनिषत्क adj. uktopaniSatka one who has been taught the upaniSads
वेदोपनिषद् f. vedopaniSad upaniSad or secret doctrine of the Veda
वैनाशिक m. vainAzika doctrines of the bRhad-AraNyaka-upaniSad
वेदान्तभिहित adj. vedAntabhihita declared in the upaniSads or in the vedAnta
साङ्गोपाङ्गोपनिषद् adj. sAGgopAGgopaniSad along with the aGgas and upAGgas and upaniSads
वेदान्त m. vedAnta upaniSads or works on the vedAnta philosophy on [pl.]
आत्मबोध m. Atmabodha name of one of the upaniSads of the atharva-veda
सकलवेदोपनिषत्सारोपदेशसाहस्री f. sakalavedopaniSatsAropadezasAhasrI upadezasAhasrI on the essence of all the Vedas and upaniSads
वेदान्तलोक m. vedAntaloka collective name of vijJAnabhikSu's dissertations on a number of upaniSads
हयग्रीव m. hayagrIva name of the supposed author of the chAndogya upaniSad and various other writers
मन्त्र m. mantra that portion of the Veda which contains the texts called Rc or yajus or sAman as opposed to the brAhmaNa and upaniSad portion
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