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उपस्थ m. upastha penis
उपस्थ m. upastha genitals
उपस्तम्भ m. upastambha base
उपस्थापन n. upasthApana presentation [computer]
उपस्थापन n. upasthApana consignment
उपस्थापन n. upasthApana annexation
उपस्थापित adj. upasthApita submitted
उपस्थापनीय n. upasthApanIya presentation [computer]
उपस्थापनस्तर m. upasthApanastara presentation layer [computer]
उपस्थापनतन्त्रांश m. upasthApanatantrAMza presentation software [computer]
उपस्थ adj. upastha being near at hand
उपस्थ adj. upastha near
उपस्थ adj. upastha standing upon
उपस्थ adj. upastha standing by the side of
उपस्थ m. upastha lap
उपस्थ m. upastha middle or inner part of anything
उपस्थ m. upastha well-surrounded or sheltered place
उपस्थ m. upastha secure place
उपस्थ m. upastha part which is under
उपस्थ m.n. upastha haunch or hip
उपस्थ m.n. upastha anus
उपस्थ m.n. upastha generative organs
उपस्तार m. upastAra anything poured under
उपस्तर m. upastara anything laid under
उपस्तर m. upastara substratum
उपस्तव m. upastava praise
उपस्थक n. upasthaka penis
उपस्थान n. upasthAna any object approached with respect
उपस्थान n. upasthAna coming into the presence of
उपस्थान n. upasthAna abiding
उपस्थान n. upasthAna act of placing one's self near to
उपस्थान n. upasthAna particular part of the sandhyA
उपस्थान n. upasthAna sanctuary
उपस्थान n. upasthAna going near to
उपस्थान n. upasthAna place of abiding
उपस्थान n. upasthAna going near
उपस्थान n. upasthAna worshipping
उपस्थान n. upasthAna abode
उपस्थान n. upasthAna approach
उपस्थान n. upasthAna presence
उपस्थान n. upasthAna nearness
उपस्थान n. upasthAna waiting on
उपस्थान n. upasthAna assembly
उपस्थान n. upasthAna access
उपस्थान n. upasthAna proximity
उपस्थान n. upasthAna standing near
उपस्थान n. upasthAna staying upon or at
उपस्थान n. upasthAna attendance
उपस्थातृ adj. upasthAtR an attendant
उपस्थातृ adj. upasthAtR servant
उपस्थातृ adj. upasthAtR waiter
उपस्थातृ adj. upasthAtR nurse
उपस्थातृ adj. upasthAtR one who is near at hand
उपस्थातृ adj. upasthAtR one who makes his appearance
उपस्थाय ind. upasthAya standing by the side of
उपस्थाय ind. upasthAya attending on
उपस्थाय ind. upasthAya having approached
उपस्तब्ध adj. upastabdha supported
उपस्तब्ध adj. upastabdha stayed
उपस्तम्भ m. upastambha ground
उपस्तम्भ m. upastambha encouragement
उपस्तम्भ m. upastambha occasion
उपस्तम्भ m. upastambha incitement
उपस्तम्भ m. upastambha support of life
उपस्तम्भ m. upastambha stay
उपस्तम्भ m. upastambha excitement
उपस्तम्भ m. upastambha support
उपस्तम्भ m. upastambha basis
उपस्तम्भ m. upastambha strengthening
उपस्तरण n. upastaraNa under-mattress
उपस्तरण n. upastaraNa scattering grass
उपस्तरण n. upastaraNa act of spreading over
उपस्तरण n. upastaraNa pillow
उपस्तरण n. upastaraNa mattress
उपस्तरण n. upastaraNa cover
उपस्तरण n. upastaraNa act of pouring under
उपस्तरण n. upastaraNa act of spreading out under
उपस्तरण n. upastaraNa pouring out so as to form a substratum
उपस्तरण n. upastaraNa anything laid under
उपस्तरण n. upastaraNa substratum
उपस्थाप्य adj. upasthApya to be produced or effected
उपस्थसद् adj. upasthasad sitting in the lap or in the centre of
उपस्थावन् adj. upasthAvan standing near or at hand
उपस्थायम् ind. upasthAyam keeping one's self fast to
उपस्थायम् ind. upasthAyam standing near
उपस्थायिन् adj. upasthAyin arriving
उपस्थायिन् adj. upasthAyin one who makes his appearance
उपास्तमयम् ind. upAstamayam about the time of sunset
उपस्थकृत adj. upasthakRta one who has formed a lap by sitting down
उपस्थकृत adj. upasthakRta seated with the legs bent down
उपस्थानीय adj. upasthAnIya one who is to attend on
उपस्थानीय adj. upasthAnIya to be attended on or served
उपस्थपाद adj. upasthapAda sitting with the legs bent down
उपस्थपदा f. upasthapadA particular artery leading to the generative organs on
उपस्थापक adj. upasthApaka causing to turn one's attention
उपस्थापक adj. upasthApaka causing to remember
उपस्थापना f. upasthApanA causing to remember
उपस्थापना f. upasthApanA calling to mind
उपस्थापना f. upasthApanA act of ordaining
उपस्थापन n. upasthApana getting ready
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