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उपशय adj. upazaya lying near at hand or close by
उपशय adj. upazaya lying ready for use
उपशया f. upazayA piece of clay prepared and ready for use
उपशय m. upazaya usefulness
उपशाय m. upazAya turn for lying down or sleeping with
उपशय m. upazaya lying near or by the side of
उपशय m. upazaya advantageous medicine
उपशय m. upazaya kind of hole in the ground
उपशय m. upazaya liking
उपशय m. upazaya allaying by suitable remedies
उपशय m. upazaya predilection
उपशय m. upazaya suitableness
उपशय m. upazaya diagnosis by the effect of certain articles of food or medicine
उपशय m. upazaya one of the yUpas
उपशायक adj. upazAyaka sleeping alternately with
उपशयत्व n. upazayatva being a particular sacrificial post
उपशयस्थ adj. upazayastha lying in ambush
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