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उत indecl. uta or
उत indecl. uta or else
उटज m. uTaja barrack
उटज m. uTaja shack
उटज m. uTaja shed
उटज m. uTaja shanty
क्षीरम् उत पायस n. kSIram uta pAyasa milk or pudding?
भवान् काफीं पिबति उत चायम्? sent. bhavAn kAphIM pibati uta cAyam? Will you drink coffee or tea?
ऊत adj. Uta promoted
ऊत adj. Uta helped
ऊत adj. Uta protected
उत adj. uta sewn
ऊत adj. Uta favoured
ऊत adj. Uta woven
उत adj. uta woven
ऊत adj. Uta loved
ऊत adj. Uta sewed
उत conj. uta and
उत conj. uta even
उत ind. uta how much less on the contrary
उत ind. uta rather
उत ind. uta how much more
उत indecl. uta particle expressing doubt
उत indecl. uta often used for the sake of emphasis at the end of a line after iti or a verb
उत indecl. uta also
उट m. uTa leaves
उट m. uTa grass
उटज m. uTaja hut
उटज m.n. uTaja hut made of leaves
उटज m.n. uTaja house in general
ऊठति verb 1 UThati { uTh } to strike or knock down
उत त्मना indecl. uta tmanA and certainly
उत त्मना indecl. uta tmanA and also
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