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उत्कल m. utkala porter
उत्कल m. utkala one who carries a burden or load
उत्कल m. utkala fowler
उत्कल m. utkala bird-catcher
उत्कल m. utkala inhabitants of the above country
उत्खला f. utkhalA kind of perfume
उत्कलाप adj. utkalApa having the tail erect and expanded
उत्कलिका f. utkalikA regretting
उत्कलिका f. utkalikA unblown flower
उत्कलिका f. utkalikA missing any person or thing
उत्कलिका f. utkalikA wave
उत्कलिका f. utkalikA wanton sportfulness
उत्कलिका f. utkalikA dalliance
उत्कलिका f. utkalikA longing for
उत्कलिका f. utkalikA bud
उत्कलित adj. utkalita loosened
उत्कलित adj. utkalita appearing
उत्कलित adj. utkalita prosperous
उत्कलित adj. utkalita opened
उत्कलित adj. utkalita coming forth
उत्कलित adj. utkalita rising
उत्कलित adj. utkalita blossoming
उत्कलित adj. utkalita becoming visible
उत्कलित adj. utkalita increasing
उत्कलित adj. utkalita brilliant
उत्कलित adj. utkalita regretting
उत्कलित adj. utkalita unbound
उत्कलित adj. utkalita bright
उत्कलित adj. utkalita longing for
उत्कलदेश m. utkaladeza country of Orissa
उत्कलापन n. utkalApana marrying
उत्कलयति verb utkalayati { utkal } unbind
उत्कलयति verb utkalayati { utkal } loosen
उत्कालयति verb utkAlayati { utkal } drive out
उत्कालयति verb utkAlayati { utkal } expel
उत्कल्पयति verb utkalpayati { utklRp } fashion
उत्कल्पयति verb utkalpayati { utklRp } create
उत्कल्पयति verb utkalpayati { utklRp } form
उत्कलापयति verb utkalApayati { utkalApaya } bid farewell
उत्कलापयति verb utkalApayati { utkalApaya } to bring one's wife home from her father's house
उत्कलापयति verb utkalApayati { utkalApaya } to marry
उत्कलापयति verb utkalApayati { utkalApaya } to take leave of
उत्कलिकाप्राय adj. utkalikAprAya abounding in compound words
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