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उत्पन्न n. utpanna product
उत्पन्न adj. utpanna sprung up
उत्पन्न adj. utpanna arisen
उत्पन्न adj. utpanna quoted
उत्पन्न adj. utpanna produced
उत्पन्न adj. utpanna come forth
उत्पन्न adj. utpanna appeared
उत्पन्न adj. utpanna risen
उत्पन्न adj. utpanna ready
उत्पन्न adj. utpanna born
उत्पन्न adj. utpanna gone up
उत्पन्न adj. utpanna mentioned
उत्पन्न n. utpanna output [production]
उत्पन्नत्व n. utpannatva origin
उत्पन्नत्व n. utpannatva production
उत्पन्नबल adj. utpannabala one in whom strength or power is produced
उत्पन्नबल adj. utpannabala strong
उत्पन्नबल adj. utpannabala powerful
उत्पन्नतन्तु adj. utpannatantu having a line of descendants
उत्पन्नबुद्धि adj. utpannabuddhi one in whom wisdom is produced
उत्पन्नबुद्धि adj. utpannabuddhi wise
उत्पन्नभक्षिन् adj. utpannabhakSin eating what has just been produced
उत्पन्नभक्षिन् adj. utpannabhakSin living from hand to mouth
उत्पन्नविनाशिन् adj. utpannavinAzin perishing as soon as produced
उत्पन्नापवर्गिन् adj. utpannApavargin perishing as soon as produced
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