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वाह्य adj. vAhya portable
वह्य adj. vahya fit to bear or to be borne or to draw or to be drawn
वाह्य adj. vAhya to be drawn or driven or ridden or borne
वह्या f. vahyA wife of a muni
वह्य n. vahya palanquin
वाह्य n. vAhya any vehicle or beast of burden
वाह्य n. vAhya ox
वह्य n. vahya litter
वाह्य n. vAhya horse
वह्य n. vahya portable bed
वह्यक m. vahyaka draught animal
वाह्यक n. vAhyaka chariot
वाह्यकी f. vAhyakI particular venomous insect
वाह्याली f. vAhyAlI road for horses
वाह्यत्व n. vAhyatva being a vehicle
वह्यशीवन् adj. vahyazIvan reclining on a couch or palanquin
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