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वामी करोति verb vAmI karoti { vAmIkR } turn or direct towards the left side
वमि f. vami emetic
वमि f. vami qualmishness
वमि f. vami nausea
वमि f. vami vomiting
वामी f. vAmI mare
वमि m. vami rogue
वमि m. vami cheat
वमि m. vami thorn-apple
वमि m. vami fire
वामिन् adj. vAmin ejecting from the mouth
वमिन् adj. vamin being sick
वामिन् adj. vAmin vomiting
वमिन् adj. vamin vomiting
वामिनी f. vAminI vulva ejecting the semen virile
वमित adj. vamita sickened
वमित adj. vamita made to vomit
वमित adj. vamita vomited
वमितव्य adj. vamitavya to be vomited or ejected from the mouth on
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