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वासर n. m. vAsara day
अद्य कः वासरः ? sentence adya kaH vAsaraH ? What day is today?
पञ्चदशदिनाङ्के कः वासरः? sent. paJcadazadinAGke kaH vAsaraH? Which / What day is 15th?
वासर adj. vAsara relating to or appearing in the morning
वासर adj. vAsara matutinal
वासर adj. vAsara early
वासर m. vAsara week-day
वासर m. vAsara turn
वासर m. vAsara time
वासर m. vAsara day (of the week)
वासर m. vAsara succession
वसार n. vasAra purpose
वसार n. vasAra wish
वासरकृत् m. vAsarakRt sun
वासरकृत् m. vAsarakRt day-maker
वासरमणि m. vAsaramaNi sun
वासरमणि m. vAsaramaNi day-jewel
वासराधीश m. vAsarAdhIza sun
वासराधीश m. vAsarAdhIza lord of the day
वासरकृत्य n. vAsarakRtya day-work
वासरकृत्य n. vAsarakRtya daily observances to be performed at fixed hours
वासरसङ्ग m. vAsarasaGga morning
वासरसङ्ग m. vAsarasaGga day-junction
वासरकन्यका f. vAsarakanyakA night
वासरकन्यका f. vAsarakanyakA daughter of day
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