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वासर n. m. vAsara day
अद्य कः वासरः ? sentence adya kaH vAsaraH ? What day is today?
पञ्चदशदिनाङ्के कः वासरः? sent. paJcadazadinAGke kaH vAsaraH? Which / What day is 15th?
वासर adj. vAsara early
वासर adj. vAsara relating to or appearing in the morning
वासर adj. vAsara matutinal
वासर m. vAsara succession
वासर m. vAsara week-day
वासर m. vAsara turn
वासर m. vAsara time
वासर m. vAsara day (of the week)
वसार n. vasAra wish
वसार n. vasAra purpose
वासरकृत् m. vAsarakRt day-maker
वासरकृत् m. vAsarakRt sun
वासरमणि m. vAsaramaNi sun
वासरमणि m. vAsaramaNi day-jewel
वासराधीश m. vAsarAdhIza lord of the day
वासराधीश m. vAsarAdhIza sun
वासरकृत्य n. vAsarakRtya day-work
वासरकृत्य n. vAsarakRtya daily observances to be performed at fixed hours
वासरसङ्ग m. vAsarasaGga morning
वासरसङ्ग m. vAsarasaGga day-junction
वासरकन्यका f. vAsarakanyakA night
वासरकन्यका f. vAsarakanyakA daughter of day
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