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वृष्णि adj. vRSNi manly
वृष्णि adj. vRSNi virile
वृष्णि adj. vRSNi strong
वृष्णि adj. vRSNi passionate
वृष्णि adj. vRSNi heretical
वृष्णि adj. vRSNi powerful
वृष्णि adj. vRSNi heterodox
वृष्णि adj. vRSNi angry
वृष्णि adj. vRSNi mighty
वृष्णी f. vRSNI mare
वृष्णि m. vRSNi wind
वृष्णि m. vRSNi bull
वृष्णि m. vRSNi ram
वृष्णि m. vRSNi air
वृष्णि m. vRSNi ray of light
वृष्णिपाल m. vRSNipAla shepherd
वृष्णिपुर n. vRSNipura city of vRSNis
वृष्णिगर्भ m. vRSNigarbha born in the family of the vRSNis
वृष्णिवृद्ध m. vRSNivRddha eldest or best among the vRSNis
वृष्णिवरेण्य m. vRSNivareNya best of the vRSNis
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