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वृन्दवाद्य n. vRndavAdya orchestra
वृन्द adj. vRnda numerous
वृन्द adj. vRnda all
वृन्द adj. vRnda much
वृन्द adj. vRnda many
वृन्दा f. vRndA sacred basil
वृन्द m. vRnda particular zakti
वृन्द m. vRnda tumour in the throat
वृन्द n. vRnda chorus of singers and musicians
वृन्द n. vRnda host
वृन्द n. vRnda bunch
वृन्द n. vRnda number
वृन्द n. vRnda heap
वृन्द n. vRnda quantity
वृन्द n. vRnda multitude
वृन्द n. vRnda group
वृन्द n. vRnda flock
वृन्द n. vRnda aggregation
वृन्द n. vRnda cluster
वृन्द n. vRnda particular high number
वृन्द n. vRnda swarm
वृन्दार m. vRndAra god
वृन्दार m. vRndAra deity
वृन्दशस् ind. vRndazas in groups or crowds or herds
वृन्दमय adj. vRndamaya appearing as a multitude of
वृन्दारक adj. vRndAraka best or most beautiful of
वृन्दारक adj. vRndAraka being at the head of a host
वृन्दारक adj. vRndAraka eminent
वृन्दारक adj. vRndAraka chief
वृन्दारक m. vRndAraka leader of a crowd or herd
वृन्दारक m. vRndAraka god
वृन्दावन n. vRndAvana wood near the town gokula in the district of mathurA on the left bank of the Jamuna
वृन्दावन n. vRndAvana rAdhA's forest
वृन्दावन n. vRndAvana raised platform or mound of earth on which the worshippers of kRSNa plant and preserve the tulasI
वृन्दावनी f. vRndAvanI holy basil
वृन्दगायक m. vRndagAyaka chorus-singer
वृन्दगायक m. vRndagAyaka chorister
वृन्दावनेश m. vRndAvaneza lord of vRndA
वृन्दारकायति verb vRndArakAyati represent the best of or best among
वृन्दावनविपिन n. vRndAvanavipina vRndA-vana wood
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