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वाडब adj. vADaba coming from a mare
वडबा f. vaDabA particular constellation represented by a horse's head
वडबा f. vaDabA female horse
वडबा f. vaDabA mare
वडबा f. vaDabA female slave
वडबा f. vaDabA prostitute
वडबा f. vaDabA harlot
वडबा f. vaDabA next
वडबा f. vaDabA nymph azvinI
वाडब m. vADaba stud-horse
वाडब m. vADaba submarine fire
वाडब m. vADaba bell
वाडब m. vADaba Brahman
वाडब m. vADaba stallion
वडब m. vaDaba male horse resembling a mare
वाडब n. vADaba particular muhUrta
वाडब n. vADaba lower world
वाडब n. vADaba kind of coitus
वाडब n. vADaba stud
वडभा f. vaDabhA kind of bird
वडबाग्नि m. vaDabAgni mare's fire
वाडबाग्नि m. vADabAgni submarine fire
वडबाग्नि m. vaDabAgni submarine fire or the fire of the lower regions
वडबाहृत adj. vaDabAhRta maid of a kind of slave
वडबानल m. vaDabAnala particular powder
वडबासुत m. vaDabAsuta two sons of vaDabA
वडबधेनु f. vaDabadhenu mare
वडबामुख n. vaDabAmukha mare's mouth
वडबारथ m. vaDabAratha chariot drawn by mares
वधबन्ध m. vadhabandha death and bonds
वडबाभर्तृ m. vaDabAbhartR mare's husband
वाडबहारक m. vADabahAraka shark or other sea-monster
वाडबहरण n. vADabaharaNa fodder given to a stud-horse
वडबाग्निमल n. vaDabAgnimala particular foamy substance on the sea
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