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वंश्य adj. vaMzya descendant
वंश्य adj. vaMzya geneological
वंश्य adj. vaMzya being a person's teacher in anything
वंश्य adj. vaMzya lineal
वंश्य adj. vaMzya preceding any one in a science
वंश्य adj. vaMzya connected with the back-hone or spine
वंश्य adj. vaMzya peculiar to a family
वंश्य adj. vaMzya belonging or attached to a main beam
वंश्या f. vaMzyA coriander
वंश्य m. vaMzya scholar
वंश्य m. vaMzya lineal descendant
वंश्य m. vaMzya forefather
वंश्य m. vaMzya pupil
वंश्य m. vaMzya any member of a family
वंश्य m. vaMzya cross-beam
वंश्य m. vaMzya ancestors or descendants
वंश्य m. vaMzya kinsman from seven generations above and seven below
वंश्य m. vaMzya ancestor
वंश्य m. vaMzya joist
वंश्य m. vaMzya son
वंश्य m. vaMzya members of a family
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