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वधू f. vadhU young wife
वधूवरौ m. vadhUvarau bride and groom
वधु f. vadhu daughter-in-law
वधू f. vadhU bride
वधु f. vadhu young wife or woman
वधू f. vadhU any younger female relation
वधू f. vadhU daughter-in-law
वधू f. vadhU female of an animal
वधू f. vadhU young wife spouse any wife or woman
वाधू f. vAdhU boat
वधू f. vadhU female of any animal
वधू f. vadhU daughter in law
वधू f. vadhU bride or newly-married woman
वाधू f. vAdhU raft
वधू f. vadhU cow or mare
वाधू f. vAdhU vessel
वधूक vadhUka wife
वधुका f. vadhukA young woman or wife
वधूटी f. vadhUTI daughter-in-law
वधुटी f. vadhuTI young woman living in her father's house
वधुटी f. vadhuTI daughter-in-law
वाधूय adj. vAdhUya relating to a bride
वाधूय adj. vAdhUya bridal
वाधूय n. vAdhUya wedding garment
वाधूय n. vAdhUya bridal dress
वधूयु adj. vadhUyu suitor
वधूयु adj. vadhUyu uxorious
वधूयु adj. vadhUyu bridegroom
वधूयु adj. vadhUyu wooer
वधूयु adj. vadhUyu lustful
वधूयु adj. vadhUyu one who loves his wife or longs for a wife
वाधुक्य n. vAdhukya taking a wife
वाधुक्य n. vAdhukya marriage
वधूमत् adj. vadhUmat drawn by mares
वधूत्व n. vadhUtva condition of a bride
वधूजन m. vadhUjana woman or wife
वधूकाल m. vadhUkAla time during which a woman is held to be a bride
वधूटिका f. vadhUTikA young wife or woman
वधूवर m. vadhUvara brides and bridegroom
वधूवर n. vadhUvara newly-married couple
वधूयान n. vadhUyAna woman's vehicle
वधूदर्श adj. vadhUdarza looking at a bride
वधूधन n. vadhUdhana wife's private property
वधूपथ m. vadhUpatha path or way of a bride
वधूवासस् n. vadhUvAsas bride's undergarment
वधूवस्त्र n. vadhUvastra bridal apparel
वधूसंयान n. vadhUsaMyAna woman's vehicle
वधूटीशयन n. vadhUTIzayana resting-place of women
वधूटीशयन n. vadhUTIzayana window
वधूटीशयन n. vadhUTIzayana lattice
वधूगृहप्रवेश m. vadhUgRhapraveza ceremony of the entrance of a bride into the house of her husband
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