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वैष्णव adj. vaiSNava relating or belonging or devoted or consecrated to viSNu
वैष्णव adj. vaiSNava worshipping viSNu
वैष्णव m. vaiSNava kind of mineral
वैष्णव m. vaiSNava of a poet
वैष्णव m. vaiSNava worshipper of viSNu name of one of the three great divisions of modern Hinduism
वैष्णव m. vaiSNava particular sacrificial ceremony
वैष्णव n. vaiSNava particular mahA-rasa
वैष्णव n. vaiSNava particular prodigy or omen
वैष्णव n. vaiSNava ashes of a burnt-offering
वैष्णवत्व n. vaiSNavatva belief in or worship of viSNu
वैष्णवाचार m. vaiSNavAcAra rites or practices of the vaiSNavas
वैष्णावरुण adj. vaiSNAvaruNa belonging to viSNu and god of water
वैष्णवाचमन n. vaiSNavAcamana sipping water three times in the worship of viSNu
वैष्णवतीर्थ n. vaiSNavatIrtha tIrtha of the vaiSNavas
वैष्णववारुण adj. vaiSNavavAruNa addressed to viSNu and god of water
वैष्णवस्थानक n. vaiSNavasthAnaka walking about the stage with great strides