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वैयग्र n. vaiyagra being totally absorbed or wholly engaged
वैयग्र n. vaiyagra perplexity
वैयग्र n. vaiyagra distraction or agitation of mind
वैयाघ्र adj. vaiyAghra coming from or belonging to a tiger
वैयाघ्र adj. vaiyAghra made of or covered with a tiger's skin
वैयाघ्र m. vaiyAghra car covered with a tiger's skin
वैयाघ्र n. vaiyAghra tiger's skin
वैयाघ्रपदी f. vaiyAghrapadI relating to vyAghra-pad
वैयाघ्रपरिच्छद adj. vaiyAghraparicchada covered with a tiger's skin
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