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Sanskrit Grammar Transliteration English
वैशेषिकसूत्र n. vaizeSikasUtra aphorisms of the vaizeSika
औलूक्य m. aulUkya follower of the vaizeSika doctrine
वैशेषिक m. vaizeSika follower of the vaizeSika doctrine
परमाणुकारणवाद m. paramANukAraNavAda atomistic system of the vaizeSikas
वैशेषिकादिषड्दर्शनविशेषवर्णन n. vaizeSikAdiSaDdarzanavizeSavarNana description of the difference between the vaizeSika and other systems
कणाद m. kaNAda name given to the author of the vaizeSika branch of the nyAya philosophy
वैशेषिक adj. vaizeSika relating or belonging to or based on or dealing with the vaizeSika doctrine