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वल्लभ adj. + instr., gen. vallabha popular with
वल्लभ m. vallabha darling
वल्लभ adj. vallabha beloved above all
वल्लभ adj. vallabha desired
वल्लभ adj. vallabha superintending
वल्लभ adj. vallabha friend
वल्लभ adj. vallabha favorite
वल्लभ adj. vallabha supreme
वल्लभ adj. vallabha cowherd
वल्लभ adj. vallabha horse
वल्लभ adj. vallabha dear to
वल्लभ adj. vallabha favourite
वल्लभ adj. vallabha lover
वल्लभ adj. vallabha kind of Agallochum or agarwood [aromatic resin embedded wood]
वल्लभ adj. vallabha dearer than
वल्लभ adj. vallabha beloved
वल्लभा f. vallabhA mistress
वल्लभा f. vallabhA wife
वल्लभा f. vallabhA beloved female
वल्लभ m. vallabha husband
वल्लभक m. vallabhaka sea-monster
वल्लभता f. vallabhatA being beloved or a favourite
वल्लभता f. vallabhatA favouriteship
वल्लभता f. vallabhatA love
वल्लभता f. vallabhatA popularity with
वल्लभत्व n. vallabhatva love
वल्लभत्व n. vallabhatva popularity with
वल्लभत्व n. vallabhatva being beloved or a favourite
वल्लभत्व n. vallabhatva favouriteship
वल्लभजन m. vallabhajana beloved person
वल्लभजन m. vallabhajana mistress
वल्लभपाल m. vallabhapAla groom
वल्लभपाल m. vallabhapAla horse-keeper
वल्लभतम adj. vallabhatama dearest
वल्लभतम adj. vallabhatama most beloved
वल्लभतर adj. vallabhatara more or most beloved
वल्लभायित n. vallabhAyita kind of coitus
वल्लभपालक m. vallabhapAlaka groom
वल्लभपालक m. vallabhapAlaka horse-keeper
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