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द्रोणी f. droNI valley
परिषण्डा f. pariSaNDA valley
उपत्यका f. upatyakA valley
दरी f. darI valley
द्रोणि f. droNi valley
शैलसन्धि m. zailasandhi valley
कन्दर m.f.n. kandara valley
कटक m.n. kaTaka valley
द्रोणमुख n. droNamukha end of a valley
नर्मरा f. narmarA cavity or valley
हिमवत्कुक्षि m. himavatkukSi valley of the himAlaya
निवत् f. nivat any deep place or valley
कन्दरवत् adj. kandaravat containing caves or valleys
मन्दरद्रोणी f. mandaradroNI valley in the mountain mandara
भुज्मन् adj. bhujman abounding in windings or valleys
धलिल n. dhalila name of a valley in which the capital of udyAna is said to have been situated
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