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वरूथिन् adj. varUthin having a guard
वरूथिन् adj. varUthin seated in a chariot
वरूथिन् adj. varUthin surrounded by a quantity or heap of
वरूथिन् adj. varUthin furnished with a protecting ledge
वरूथिन् adj. varUthin wearing defensive arms or armour
वरूथिन् adj. varUthin affording protection or shelter
वरूथिन् m. varUthin defender
वरूथिन् m. varUthin ear
वरूथिन् m. varUthin guard
वरूथिनी f. varUthinI multitude
वरूथिनी f. varUthinI troop
वरूथिनी f. varUthinI army
वरूथिनीपति m. varUthinIpati leader of an army
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