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वरदक्षिणा f. varadakSiNA dowry
वरधर्मी करोति verb varadharmI karoti { varadharmIkR } do a noble act towards any one
वरद adj. varada ready to fulfil requests or answer prayers
वरद adj. varada conferring a boon
वरद adj. varada granting wishes
वरदा f. varadA girl
वरदा f. varadA clammyweeds plant [Polanisia Icosandra - Bot.]
वरदा f. varadA maiden
वरदा f. varadA sunflower [Helianthus - Bot.]
वरदा f. varadA common flax [Linum Usitatissimum - Bot.]
वरदा f. varadA root of yam
वरदा f. varadA young woman
वरद m. varada benefactor
वरद m. varada fire for burnt offerings of a propitiatory character
वरदान n. varadAna granting a boon or request
वरदान n. varadAna giving compensation or reward
वरदारु varadAru teak [Tectona Grandis - Bot.]
वरदातु m. varadAtu teak [Tectona Grandis - Bot.]
वरदत्त adj. varadatta granted in consequence of a request
वरदत्त adj. varadatta presented with the choice of a boon
वरदत्त adj. varadatta given as a boon
वरदारुक varadAruka kind of plant with poisonous leaves
वरदायाक m. varadAyAka particular samAdhi
वरधर्म m. varadharma excellent work
वरधर्म m. varadharma noble act of justice
वरदहस्त m. varadahasta beneficent hand
वरदक्षिणा adj. varadakSiNA at which excellent fees are given
वरदक्षिणा f. varadakSiNA gifts to the bridegroom by bride\'s father during the wedding
वरदक्षिणा f. varadakSiNA present made to the bridegroom by the bride's father in giving her away
वरदक्षिणा f. varadakSiNA term for expense or costs incurred in fruitless endeavours to recover a loss
वरदानमय adj. varadAnamaya arising from the bestowal of a favour or boon
वरदानमय adj. varadAnamaya caused by the granting of a request
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