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षडङ्गी f. SaDaGgI six vedAGgas
षडङ्ग n. SaDaGga six vedAGgas
सर्वाङ्ग n. sarvAGga all the vedAGgas
षडङ्ग adj. SaDaGga having six vedAGgas
षडङ्गविद् adj. SaDaGgavid knowing the six vedAGgas
वेदाङ्गशास्त्र n. vedAGgazAstra doctrine of the vedAGgas
वेदवेदाङ्गविद् adj. vedavedAGgavid knowing the veda and the vedAGga
वेदाङ्गत्व n. vedAGgatva nature or condition of a vedAGga
कल्प m. kalpa most complete of the six vedAGgas
वेदाङ्गिन् m. vedAGgin one who studies or teaches the vedAGgas
वेदवेदाङ्गपारग adj. vedavedAGgapAraga one who has gone through the veda and vedAGga
वेदवेदाङ्गविग्रहिन् adj. vedavedAGgavigrahin one whose body consists of the veda and vedAGga
वेदवेदाङ्गतत्त्वज्ञ adj. vedavedAGgatattvajJa one who knows the nature or truth of the veda and vedAGga
सर्वाङ्गीण adj. sarvAGgINa relating or belonging to the aGgas or vedAGgas collectively
अनूचान adj. anUcAna one so well versed in the Vedas and vedAGgas as to be able to repeat them
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