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विषुव m. viSuva equinox [astron.]
विषुवद्वृत्त n. viSuvadvRtta equator
विषुवन्मण्डल n. viSuvanmaNDala equator
विषुवत् adj. viSuvat having or sharing both sides equally
विषुवत् adj. viSuvat middlemost
विषुवत् adj. viSuvat being in the middle
विषुवत् adj. viSuvat central
विषुवत् m. viSuvat top
विषुवत् m. viSuvat vertex
विषुवत् m. viSuvat central day in a sattra or sacrificial session
विषुवत् m. viSuvat summit
विषुवत् n. viSuvat equinoctial point or equinox
विषुवद्भा f. viSuvadbhA equinoctial shadow
विषुवदिन n. viSuvadina day of the equinox
विषुवद्देश m. viSuvaddeza country situated under the equator
विषुवरेखा f. viSuvarekhA equinoctial line
विषुवच्छाया f. viSuvacchAyA shadow of the gnomon or index of a dial at noon when the sun is on the equinoctial points
विषुवद्वृत्त n. viSuvadvRtta equinoctial circle
विषुवसमय m. viSuvasamaya equinoctial season
विषुवत्स्तोम m. viSuvatstoma particular ekAha
विषुवद्दिवस m. viSuvaddivasa equinoctial day
विषुवद्वलय n. viSuvadvalaya equinoctial circle
विषुवद्वलय n. viSuvadvalaya equator
विषुवत्प्रभा f. viSuvatprabhA equinoctial shadow
विषुवत्सङ्क्रान्ति f. viSuvatsaGkrAnti sun's equinoctial passage
विषुवत्सङ्क्रान्ति f. viSuvatsaGkrAnti passing of the the sun into the next sign at either equinox
विषुवत्पूर्णशितांशु m. viSuvatpUrNazitAMzu equinoctial full moon
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