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विभाज्य adj. vibhAjya allocable
विभाज्यसङ्ख्या f. vibhAjyasaGkhyA real number [computer]
विभाज्य adj. vibhAjya divisible
विभाज्य adj. vibhAjya to be divided or apportioned
विभज्य adj. vibhajya to be divided
विभज्य adj. vibhajya to be distinguished
विभज्य ind. vibhajya having distributed or separated or divided
विभज्य ind. vibhajya by dividing or distinguishing
विभज्यते verb pass. vibhajyate { vibhaj } receive one's share from
विभज्यवाद m. vibhajyavAda particular Buddhist doctrine
विभज्यपाठ m. vibhajyapATha distinct pronunciation
विभज्यवादिन् m. vibhajyavAdin adherent of the above doctrine
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