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विधेय adj. vidheya subject to
विधेय adj. vidheya compliant
विधेय adj. vidheya dependent on
विधेय adj. vidheya programmable [computer]
विधेयक n. vidheyaka bill [Politics]
भाटककृषि-विधेयक n. bhATakakRSi-vidheyaka tenancy bill
भूधारण- विधेयक n. bhUdhAraNa- vidheyaka tenancy bill
निध्यनुकूलन-विदेयक n. nidhyanukUlana-videyaka bill of indemnity [legalize transactions]
विदेय adj. videya to be given or granted
विधेय adj. vidheya to be enjoined
विधेय adj. vidheya to be stated or settled or established
विधेय adj. vidheya to be used or employed
विधेय adj. vidheya to be drawn
विधेय adj. vidheya submissive
विधेय adj. vidheya liable to be ruled or governed or influenced by
विधेय adj. vidheya to be performed or practised or done
विधेय adj. vidheya to be bestowed or procured
विधेय adj. vidheya tractable
विधेय adj. vidheya to be kindled
विधेय adj. vidheya subject or obedient to
विधेय adj. vidheya docile
विधेय adj. vidheya to be exhibited or displayed or shown or betrayed
विधेय adj. vidheya what is to be done
विधेय adj. vidheya subdued or overcome by
विधेय m. vidheya servant
विधेय m. vidheya subject
विधेय n. vidheya usefulness
विधेय n. vidheya necessity
विधेय n. vidheya duty
विधेय n. vidheya applicability
विधेयता f. vidheyatA fitness to be prescribed or enjoined
विधेयता f. vidheyatA docility
विधेयता f. vidheyatA submission
विधेयज्ञ adj. vidheyajJa obedient
विधेयज्ञ adj. vidheyajJa knowing the duty
विधेयज्ञ adj. vidheyajJa knowing what ought to be done
विधेयत्व n. vidheyatva dependency
विधेयत्व n. vidheyatva applicability
विधेयत्व n. vidheyatva usefulness
विधेयत्व n. vidheyatva submission
विधेयत्व n. vidheyatva necessity of being established or stated
विधेयपद n. vidheyapada object to be accomplished
विधेयात्मन् adj. vidheyAtman having the soul subdued or controlled
विधेयमार्ग m. vidheyamArga seeking to do a necessary act
विधेयवर्तिन् adj. vidheyavartin submissive to another's will
विधेयवर्तिन् adj. vidheyavartin obedient
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