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विग्न adj. ppp. vigna excited
विग्न adj. ppp. vigna jittery
विग्न adj. ppp. vigna agitated
विग्न adj. ppp. vigna terrified
विघ्न m. vighna interruption
विघ्न m. vighna obstacle
विग्न adj. ppp. vigna alarmed
विग्न adj. ppp. vigna shaken
विग्न ppp. vigna moved suddenly
विघ्न m. vighna prevention
विघ्न m. vighna Bengal currant [Carissa carandas - Bot.]
विघ्न m. vighna destroyer
विघ्न m. vighna hindrance
विघ्न m. vighna impediment
विघ्न m. vighna any difficulty or trouble
विघ्न m. vighna opposition
विघ्न m. vighna breaker
विघ्नक vighnaka hindering
विघ्नक vighnaka preventing
विघ्नजित् m. vighnajit conqueror of obstacles
विघ्नराज् m. vighnarAj obstacle king
विघ्नवत् adj. vighnavat having obstacles
विघ्नवत् adj. vighnavat obstructed by difficulties or impediments
विघ्नकर adj. vighnakara causing any obstacle or interruption
विघ्नकर adj. vighnakara impeding
विघ्नकर adj. vighnakara obstructing
विघ्नकर adj. vighnakara opposing
विघ्नलेश m. vighnaleza slight obstacle
विघ्नपति m. vighnapati lord of obstacles
विघ्नयति verb vighnayati { vighnaya } impede
विघ्नयति verb vighnayati { vighnaya } check
विघ्नयति verb vighnayati { vighnaya } obstruct
विघ्नहन्तृ m. vighnahantR remover or destroyer of obstacles
विघ्नहारिन् adj. vighnahArin removing obstacles
विघ्नकारिन् adj. vighnakArin fearful or terrible to be looked at
विघ्ननायक m. vighnanAyaka obstacle-chief
विघ्ननाशक adj. vighnanAzaka who or what removes obstacles or difficulties
विघ्ननाशन n. vighnanAzana destruction or removal of obstacles
विघ्नसिद्धि f. vighnasiddhi settling or removal of obstacles
विघ्नध्वंस m. vighnadhvaMsa removal of obstacles
विघ्नविघात m. vighnavighAta removal of obstacles
विघ्नविनायक m. vighnavinAyaka obstacle remover
विघ्नप्रतिक्रिया f. vighnapratikriyA counteraction or removal of an impediment
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