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विग्रह m. vigraha shape
विग्रह m. vigraha body
विग्रह m. vigraha expansion
विग्रह m. vigraha form
विग्रह m. vigraha analysis
विग्रह m. vigraha decryption [computer]
विग्रह m. vigraha decode [computer]
विग्रह adj. vigraha freed from the Seizer i.e. rAhu
विग्रह m. vigraha independence
विग्रह m. vigraha separation or analysis of any word capable of separation
विग्रह m. vigraha distribution
विग्रह m. vigraha resolution
विग्राह m. vigrAha particular kind of recitation
विग्रह m. vigraha hostility
विग्रह m. vigraha separation
विग्रह m. vigraha discord
विग्रह m. vigraha ornament
विग्रह m. vigraha figure
विग्रह m. vigraha enmity
विग्रह m. vigraha separate i.e. individual form or shape
विग्रह m. vigraha decoration
विग्रह m. vigraha configuration
विग्रह m. vigraha keeping apart or asunder
विग्रह m. vigraha element
विग्रह m. vigraha strife
विग्रह m. vigraha resolution of a compound word into its constituent parts
विग्रह m. vigraha contest
विग्रह m. vigraha isolation
विग्रह m. vigraha war with
विग्रह m. vigraha division
विग्रह m. vigraha quarrel
विग्राहम् ind. vigrAham successively
विग्राहम् ind. vigrAham in portions
विग्रहिन् adj. vigrahin waging war
विग्रहिन् adj. vigrahin minister of war
विग्राह्य adj. vigrAhya to be warred upon or contended with
विग्रहण n. vigrahaNa taking hold of
विग्रहण n. vigrahaNa seizure
विग्रहण n. vigrahaNa distribution
विग्रहण n. vigrahaNa diffusion
विग्राहित adj. vigrAhita taken hold of
विग्राहित adj. vigrAhita prejudiced
विगृह्णाति verb vigRhNAti { vigrah } receive in a friendly manner
विगृह्णाति verb vigRhNAti { vigrah } separate
विगृह्णाति verb vigRhNAti { vigrah } quarrel
विगृह्णाति verb vigRhNAti { vigrah } spread out
विगृह्णाति verb vigRhNAti { vigrah } welcome
विगृह्णाति verb vigRhNAti { vigrah } isolate
विगृह्णाति verb vigRhNAti { vigrah } contend with
विगृह्णाति verb vigRhNAti { vigrah } distribute
विगृह्णाति verb vigRhNAti { vigrah } perceive
विगृह्णाति verb vigRhNAti { vigrah } analyse
विगृह्णाति verb vigRhNAti { vigrah } seize
विगृह्णाति verb vigRhNAti { vigrah } divide
विगृह्णाति verb vigRhNAti { vigrah } observe
विगृह्णाति verb vigRhNAti { vigrah } wage war
विगृह्णाति verb vigRhNAti { vigrah } lay hold of
विगृह्णाति verb vigRhNAti { vigrah } hold apart
विगृह्णाति verb vigRhNAti { vigrah } fight against
विगृह्णाति verb vigRhNAti { vigrah } stretch out or apart
विगृह्णीते verb vigRhNIte { vigrah } separate
विगृह्णीते verb vigRhNIte { vigrah } receive in a friendly manner
विगृह्णीते verb vigRhNIte { vigrah } spread out
विगृह्णीते verb vigRhNIte { vigrah } quarrel
विगृह्णीते verb vigRhNIte { vigrah } isolate
विगृह्णीते verb vigRhNIte { vigrah } welcome
विगृह्णीते verb vigRhNIte { vigrah } distribute
विगृह्णीते verb vigRhNIte { vigrah } contend with
विगृह्णीते verb vigRhNIte { vigrah } analyse
विगृह्णीते verb vigRhNIte { vigrah } perceive
विगृह्णीते verb vigRhNIte { vigrah } divide
विगृह्णीते verb vigRhNIte { vigrah } seize
विगृह्णीते verb vigRhNIte { vigrah } wage war
विगृह्णीते verb vigRhNIte { vigrah } observe
विगृह्णीते verb vigRhNIte { vigrah } hold apart
विगृह्णीते verb vigRhNIte { vigrah } lay hold of
विगृह्णीते verb vigRhNIte { vigrah } stretch out or apart
विगृह्णीते verb vigRhNIte { vigrah } fight against
विग्रहवत् adj. vigrahavat incarnate
विग्रहवत् adj. vigrahavat beautiful
विग्रहवत् adj. vigrahavat having form or figure
विग्रहवत् adj. vigrahavat having a handsome form or shape
विग्रहवत् adj. vigrahavat fine
विग्रहवत् adj. vigrahavat embodied
विग्रहहीन adj. vigrahahIna peaceful
विग्रहपर adj. vigrahapara engaged in fighting
विग्रहपर adj. vigrahapara intent on war
विग्रहावर n. vigrahAvara hinder part of the body
विग्रहावर n. vigrahAvara back
विग्रहयति verb vigrahayati { vigrahaya } contend or fight with
विग्राहयति verb caus. vigrAhayati { vigrah } cause to fight
विग्राहयति verb caus. vigrAhayati { vigrah } cause to wage war against
विग्रहेच्छु adj. vigrahecchu eager for combat
विजिघृक्षति verb Desid. vijighRkSati { vigrah } wish to fight against
विग्रहग्रहण n. vigrahagrahaNa assumption of a form
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