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विलोम adj. viloma converse [acting oppositely]
विलोमक m. vilomaka depilator
विलोमन n. vilomana depilation
विलोमतः vilomataH vice versa
विलोमतः vilomataH conversely
विलोमयिता f. vilomayitA depilatory
विलोमत्रक्मेण vilomatrakmeNa vice versa
विलोमत्रक्मेण vilomatrakmeNa conversely
विलोम adj. viloma produced in reverse order
विलोम adj. viloma contrary to the usual or proper course
विलोम adj. viloma refractory
विलोम adj. viloma hairless
विलोम adj. viloma inverse
विलोम adj. viloma turned the wrong way
विलोम adj. viloma inverted
विलोम adj. viloma opposite
विलोम adj. viloma opposed
विलोम adj. viloma against the hair or grain
विलोम m. viloma reverse
विलोम m. viloma reverse order
विलोम m. viloma snake
विलोम m. viloma dog
विलोम m. viloma opposite course
विलोम n. viloma water-wheel or machine for raising water from a well
विलोमन् adj. viloman hairless
विलोमन् adj. viloman inverted
विलोमन् adj. viloman turned in the opposite direction
विलोमन् adj. viloman against the hair or grain
विलोमज adj. vilomaja born in reverse order
विलोमज adj. vilomaja born of a mother belonging to a higher caste than the father
विलोमक adj. vilomaka reversed
विलोमक adj. vilomaka inverted
विलोमता f. vilomatA being hairless
विलोमता f. vilomatA perverseness
विलोमजात adj. vilomajAta born in reverse order
विलोमजात adj. vilomajAta born of a mother belonging to a higher caste than the father
विलोमजिह्व m. vilomajihva elephant
विलोमक्रिया f. vilomakriyA doing anything in reverse order or backwards
विलोमक्रिया f. vilomakriyA reverse action
विलोमक्रिया f. vilomakriyA rule of inversion
विलोमपाठ m. vilomapATha recitation in reverse order
विलोमवर्ण m. vilomavarNa man of mixed or inferior birth
विलोमविधि m. vilomavidhi inverted rite
विलोमविधि m. vilomavidhi reversed ceremony
विलोमविधि m. vilomavidhi rule of inversion
विलोमरसन m. vilomarasana elephant
विलोमत्रैराशिक n. vilomatrairAzika rule of three inverse
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