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विन्ध्या f. vindhyA star gooseberry [Averrhoa Acida - Bot.]
विन्ध्या f. vindhyA small cardamoms
विन्ध्य m. vindhya separating Hindustan proper from the Dekhan
विन्ध्य m. vindhya hunter
विन्ध्यगिरि m. vindhyagiri vindhya range of hills
विन्ध्यस्थ adj. vindhyastha residing in the vindhya
विन्ध्याटवी f. vindhyATavI forest in the vindhya
विन्ध्यवन n. vindhyavana forest in the vindhya
विन्ध्यायते verb vindhyAyate { vindhyAya } represent or act the part of the vindhya mountains
विन्ध्यवासिन् adj. vindhyavAsin dwelling in the vindhya
विन्ध्यशैल m. vindhyazaila vindhya hills
विन्ध्यनिलया f. vindhyanilayA form of durgA
विन्ध्यवासिनी f. vindhyavAsinI form of durgA
विन्ध्याधिवासिनी f. vindhyAdhivAsinI form of durgA
विन्ध्याचलवासिनी f. vindhyAcalavAsinI form of durgA
विन्ध्यकैलासवासिनी f. vindhyakailAsavAsinI form of durgA
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