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विपणपणि f. vipaNapaNi fair
विपणपणि f. vipaNapaNi shop
विपणपणि f. vipaNapaNi any article or commodity for sale
विपणपणि f. vipaNapaNi sale
विपणपणि f. vipaNapaNi traffic
विपणपणि f. vipaNapaNi place where things are sold
विपणपणि f. vipaNapaNi street of shops
विपणपणि f. vipaNapaNi market-place
विपणपणि f. vipaNapaNi stall
विपणपणिन् m. vipaNapaNin shopkeeper
विपणपणिन् m. vipaNapaNin merchant
विपणपणिन् m. vipaNapaNin trader
विपणपणिगत adj. vipaNapaNigata being on the market
विपणपणिजीविन् adj. vipaNapaNijIvin subsisting by traffic
विपणपणिपथ m. vipaNapaNipatha shop-street
विपणपणिजीविका f. vipaNapaNijIvikA subsistence by traffic
विपणपणिमध्यग adj. vipaNapaNimadhyaga being in the midst of a market
विपणपणिस्थपण्य adj. vipaNapaNisthapaNya containing commodities exposed for sale
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