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विपन्न adj. vipanna afflicted
विपन्न adj. vipanna gone wrong
विपन्न adj. vipanna ruined
विपन्न adj. vipanna failed
विपन्न adj. vipanna destroyed
विपन्न adj. vipanna decayed
विपन्नक adj. vipannaka dead
विपन्नक adj. vipannaka destroyed
विपन्नक adj. vipannaka unfortunate
विपन्नता f. vipannatA misfortune
विपन्नता f. vipannatA ruin
विपन्नताङ्गत adj. vipannatAGgata ruined
विपन्न adj. vipanna miscarried
विपन्न adj. vipanna gone
विपन्न adj. vipanna dead
विपन्न adj. vipanna distressed
विपन्न m. vipanna snake
विपन्नग adj. vipannaga destitute of serpents
विपन्नता f. vipannatA destruction
विपन्नदेह adj. vipannadeha having a decomposed body
विपन्नदेह adj. vipannadeha defunct
विपन्नदेह adj. vipannadeha dead
विपन्नार्थ adj. vipannArtha bankrupt
विपन्नार्थ m. vipannArtha one whose property or fortune is ruined
विपन्नकृत्य adj. vipannakRtya whose rites have been disturbed or neglected
विपन्नापत्या f. vipannApatyA woman who has lost her child by miscarriage
विपन्नदीधिति adj. vipannadIdhiti one whose splendour or glory is gone
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