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Sanskrit Grammar Transliteration English
विपरीत adj. viparIta false
विपरीत adj. viparIta inverse
विपरीत adj. viparIta opposite
विपरीत adj. viparIta contrary
विपरीत adj. viparIta reverse
विपरीत adj. ppp. viparIta perverse
विपरीतम् indecl. viparItam against
विपरीत adj. viparIta going asunder or in different directions
विपरीत adj. viparIta untrue
विपरीत adj. viparIta acting in a contrary manner
विपरीत adj. viparIta inverted
विपरीत adj. viparIta various
विपरीत adj. viparIta being the reverse of anything
विपरीत adj. viparIta contrary to
विपरीत adj. viparIta turned round
विपरीत adj. viparIta different
विपरीत adj. viparIta unfavourable
विपरीता f. viparItA perverse or unchaste woman
विपरीत n. viparIta inversion
विपरीत n. viparIta contrariety
विपरीत n. viparIta counterpart
विपरीत ppp. viparIta adverse
विपरीत ppp. viparIta turned around
विपरीत ppp. viparIta inauspicious
विपरीत ppp. viparIta reversed
विपरीत ppp. viparIta contrary to rule
विपरीत ppp. viparIta wrong
विपरीतादि n. viparItAdi kind of metre
विपरीतक adj. viparItaka inverted
विपरीतक adj. viparItaka reversed
विपरीतक m. viparItaka inverted coitus
विपरीतता f. viparItatA counterpart
विपरीतता f. viparItatA inversion
विपरीतता f. viparItatA contrariety
विपरीतान्त m. viparItAnta kind of metre
विपरीतत्व n. viparItatva contrariety
विपरीतत्व n. viparItatva counterpart
विपरीतत्व n. viparItatva inversion
विपरीतवत् ind. viparItavat invertedly
विपरीतगति adj. viparItagati going backwards or in a reverse direction
विपरीतगति f. viparItagati inverse or reverse motion
विपरीतकर adj. viparItakara acting in a contrary manner or perversely
विपरीतरत n. viparItarata inverted sexual intercourse
विपरीतायन n. viparItAyana contrary ayana or progress of the sun from solstice to solstice
विपरीतचेतस् adj. viparItacetas contrary-minded
विपरीतचेतस् adj. viparItacetas having a perverted mind or impaired mental faculties
विपरीतचित्त adj. viparItacitta contrary-minded
विपरीतचित्त adj. viparItacitta having a perverted mind or impaired mental faculties
विपरीतकर्तृ adj. viparItakartR acting in a contrary manner or perversely
विपरितप्यते verb pass. viparitapyate { viparitap } be greatly distressed
विपरितप्यते verb pass. viparitapyate { viparitap } suffer great pain
विपरीतवृत्ति adj. viparItavRtti acting or behaving in a contrary manner
विपरीत-चित्त adj. viparIta-citta contrary-minded
विपरीत-चित्त adj. viparIta-citta having impaired mental faculties
विपरीत-चित्त adj. viparIta-citta having a perverted mind
विपरीतपथ्या f. viparItapathyA kind of metre
विपरीतलक्षणा f. viparItalakSaNA ironical description of an object by mentioning its contrary properties
विपरीताख्यानकी f. viparItAkhyAnakI inverted AkhyAnakI
विपरीताख्यानकी f. viparItAkhyAnakI kind of metre
विपरीतमल्लतैल n. viparItamallataila kind of preparation made of oil