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विरत adj. virata one who has given up or resigned or ceased or desisted from
विरत adj. virata ceased
वीरता f. vIratA heroism
वीरता f. vIratA manliness
विरट m. viraTa shoulder
विरट m. viraTa kind of black Agallochum or agarwood [aromatic resin embedded wood]
विरत ppp. virata stopped
विरत ppp. virata ended
विरथ adj. viratha deprived of a chariot
विरथ adj. viratha chariotless
विराटज m. virATaja sort of inferior diamond
विराटक m. virATaka diamond of inferior quality
विरातक m. virAtaka Arunja tree [Terminalia Arunja - Bot.]
विरातक m. virAtaka fruit of marking nut plant [ Semecarpus Anacardium - Bot. ]
वीरतम m. vIratama very strong or powerful man
वीरतम m. vIratama eminent hero
वीरतर adj. vIratara bolder
वीरतर adj. vIratara stronger
वीरतर m. vIratara arrow
वीरतर m. vIratara great or a greater hero
वीरतर m. vIratara corpse
वीरतर n. vIratara vetiver grass [Andropogon Muricatum - Bot.]
विरतत्व n. viratatva having come to an end
विरतत्व n. viratatva cessation
विरताशय adj. viratAzaya one whose desires have ceased or who has resigned worldly intentions
वीरतण्डुल n. vIrataNDula tropical green amaranth [Amaranthus Polygonoides]
विराटनगर n. virATanagara city of the virATas
वीरतरासन n. vIratarAsana particular posture
विरतप्रसङ्ग adj. virataprasaGga one who has ceased from being occupied in
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