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विरचना f. viracanA arrangement
विरचन n. viracana work out
विरचन n. viracana elaboration
विरचित adj. viracita arranged
विरचित ppp. viracita written
विरचयति verb viracayati { vi- rac } form
विरचयति verb viracayati { vi- rac } fashion
विरचयति verb viracayati { vi -rac } perform
विरचयति verb viracayati { vi- rac } construct
विरचयति verb viracayati { vi- rac } effect
विरचयति verb 10 viracayati { vi- rac } arrange
विरचन n. viracana putting on
विरचन n. viracana disposition
विरचन n. viracana composition
विरचन n. viracana embellishment
विरचन n. viracana compilation
विरचन n. viracana arrangement
विरचन n. viracana wearing
विराचित adj. virAcita performed
विरचित adj. viracita inlaid
विरचित adj. viracita put together
विरचित adj. viracita constructed
विरचित adj. viracita furnished with
विरचित adj. viracita worn
विरचित adj. viracita put on
विरचित adj. viracita composed
विराचित adj. virAcita put together
विरचित adj. viracita uttered
विरचित adj. viracita put in
विरचित adj. viracita spoken
विरचित adj. viracita performed
विरचित adj. viracita set
वीरचक्र n. vIracakra army of heroes
वीरचर्या f. vIracaryA deeds of a hero
वीरचर्या f. vIracaryA adventurous exploits
वीरचरित n. vIracarita exploits of the hero
विरचयति verb viracayati { virac } put on
विरचयति verb viracayati { virac } contrive
विरचयति verb viracayati { virac } invent
विरचयति verb viracayati { virac } don
विरचयति verb viracayati { virac } form
विरचयति verb viracayati { virac } produce
विरचयति verb viracayati { virac } wear
विरचयति verb viracayati { virac } make
विरचयति verb viracayati { virac } compose
विरचयति verb viracayati { virac } build
विरचयति verb viracayati { virac } write
विरचयति verb viracayati { virac } erect
वीरचरित्र n. vIracaritra exploits of the hero
विरचितवाच् adj. viracitavAc one who has composed a speech or who has spoken
विरचितपद adj. viracitapada poetic
विरचितपद adj. viracitapada the words of which are artificially composed or arranged
विरचितपद adj. viracitapada rhythmic
वीरचक्षुष्मत् adj. vIracakSuSmat having the eye of a hero
विरचयितव्य adj. viracayitavya to be formed or made
विरचितवपुस् adj. viracitavapus one who has his body formed or arranged
वीरचक्रेश्वर m. vIracakrezvara lord of an army of heroes
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