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Sanskrit Grammar Transliteration English
विरहित adj. virahita separated
विरह adj. viraha arising from separation
विरह m. viraha abandonment
विरह m. viraha lack of
विरह m. viraha absence from
विरह m. viraha desertion
विरह m. viraha lack
विरह m. viraha separation
विरह m. viraha parting
विरह m. viraha want
वीरहन् adj. vIrahan slaying men or enemies
वीरहन् m. vIrahan destroyer of sacrificial fire
वीरहन् m. vIrahan Brahman who has suffered his sacred domestic fire to become extinct
विरहिन् adj. virahin parted
विरहिन् adj. virahin separated
विरहिन् adj. virahin absent
विरहिन् adj. virahin solitary
विरहिन् adj. virahin abstaining from
विरहिन् adj. virahin lonely
विरहज adj. virahaja arising from separation
वीरहण adj. vIrahaNa hero-killing
विरहिणी f. virahiNI woman separated from her husband or lover
विरहिणी f. virahiNI hire
विरहिणी f. virahiNI wages
विरहित adj. virahita solitary
विरहित adj. virahita deserted
विरहित adj. virahita lonely
विरहित adj. virahita separated or free from
विरहित adj. ppp. virahita free spirit
विरहित ppp. virahita given up
विरहित ppp. virahita relinquished
विरहित ppp. virahita deprived of
विरहित ppp. virahita devoid of
विरहित ppp. virahita abandoned
विरहार्त adj. virahArta pained by separation
वीरहत्या f. vIrahatyA killing of a man
वीरहत्या f. vIrahatyA murder of a son
विरहितात् ind. virahitAt with the exception of
विरहानल m. virahAnala fire of separation
विरहताप m. virahatApa separation anxiety [Psy.]
विरहयति verb virahayati { rah } desert
विरहयति verb virahayati { rah } relinquish
विरहयति verb virahayati { rah } leave
विरहयति verb virahayati { vi- rah } abandon
विरहज्वर m. virahajvara anguish of separation
विरहोत्सुक adj. virahotsuka suffering from separation
विरहगुणित adj. virahaguNita increased by separation
विरहावस्था f. virahAvasthA state of separation
विरहविरस adj. virahavirasa painful through separation
विरहव्यापद् adj. virahavyApad decreased by separation
विरहशयन n. virahazayana solitary couch or bed
विरहाधिगम m. virahAdhigama experiencing separation
विरहोत्कण्ठिका f. virahotkaNThikA woman who longs after her absent lover or husband