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विरथी करोति verb virathI karoti { virathIkR } deprive a person of a chariot
विरथी भवति verb virathI bhavati { virathIbhU } be deprived of a chariot
विरति f. virati stop
विरति f. virati pause
विरति f. virati desistance or abstention from
विरति f. virati end
विरति f. virati end of or caesura within a pada
विरति f. virati resignation
विरति f. virati cessation
विरथीकृत adj. virathIkRta deprived of a chariot
विरथीभूत adj. virathIbhUta deprived of a chariot
विरथीकरण n. virathIkaraNa depriving any one of a chariot
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