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दर्शक m. darzaka visitor
अभ्यागत m. abhyAgata visitor
अतिथि m. atithi visitor
प्रघुण m. praghuNa visitor
आवेशिक m. Avezika visitor
प्रघूर्ण m. praghUrNa visitor
साङ्गतिक m. sAGgatika visitor
प्राघुण m. prAghuNa visitor
कामग m. kAmaga casual visitor
आपृच्छा f. ApRcchA saluting on receiving a visitor
कर्णपथातिथि m. karNapathAtithi visitor in the compass of the ear
प्रत्युत्थान n. pratyutthAna rising from a seat to welcome a visitor
आसनविधि m. Asanavidhi ceremony of offering a seat to a visitor
आपृच्छते verb ApRcchate { Aprach } salute on receiving or parting with a visitor
आप्रच्छन n. Apracchana expression of civility on receiving or parting with a visitor
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