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विटप m. viTapa branch
विटप m. viTapa expansion
विटप m. viTapa spreading
विटप m. viTapa young branch of a tree or creeper
विटप m. viTapa keeper of catamites
विटप m. viTapa sprout
विटप m. viTapa bough
विटप m. viTapa perinaeum or the septum of the scrotum
विटप m. viTapa thicket
विटप m. viTapa bush
विटप m. viTapa shoot
विटप m. viTapa tuft
विटप m. viTapa cluster
विटप m. viTapa shrub
विटप m. viTapa twig
विटपिन् adj. viTapin having branches or boughs
विटपिन् m. viTapin Indian fig-tree
विटपिन् m. viTapin tree
विटपक m. viTapaka rogue
विटपक m. viTapaka tree
विटपक m. viTapaka voluptuary
वितपते verb vitapate { vitap } burn
वितपते verb vitapate { vitap } give out heat
वितपते verb vitapate { vitap } warm one's self or any member of the body
वितपते verb vitapate { vitap } force asunder
वितपते verb vitapate { vitap } tear
वितपते verb vitapate { vitap } penetrate
वितपति verb vitapati { vitap } tear
वितपति verb vitapati { vitap } penetrate
वितपति verb vitapati { vitap } burn
वितपति verb vitapati { vitap } give out heat
वितपति verb vitapati { vitap } warm one's self or any member of the body
वितपति verb vitapati { vitap } force asunder
विटपशस् ind. viTapazas in branches or shoots
विटप्रिय m. viTapriya kind of jasmine
वितापयति verb caus. vitApayati { vitap } warm
वितापयति verb caus. vitApayati { vitap } heat
विटपेटक n. viTapeTaka multitude of rogues
विटपिमृग m. viTapimRga ape
विटपिमृग m. viTapimRga monkey
विटपिमृग m. viTapimRga tree-animal
वीतपृष्ठ adj. vItapRSTha straight-backed
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