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व्रतकम् दत्ते verb 3 vratakam datte { dA } accomplish a vow
व्रतकम् ददाति verb 3 vratakam dadAti { dA } accomplish a vow
व्रत adj. vrata one who has taken the vow of learning the veda
व्रात m. vrAta guild
व्रात m. vrAta association
व्रात m. vrAta host
व्रात m. vrAta multitude
व्रात m. vrAta company or attendants at a marriage feast
व्रात m. vrAta swarm
व्रात m. vrAta group
व्रात m. vrAta flock
व्रात m. vrAta troop
व्रात m. vrAta assemblage
व्रात m. vrAta group
व्रत n. vrata sphere of action
व्रत n. vrata feeding only on milk
व्रत n. vrata resolve to
व्रत n. vrata manner of life
व्रात n. vrAta manual or bodily labour
व्रत n. vrata command
व्रत n. vrata usage
व्रत n. vrata ordinance
व्रत n. vrata function
व्रत n. vrata course of conduct
व्रत n. vrata rule
व्रत n. vrata meritorious act of devotion or austerity
व्रत n. vrata conduct
व्रत n. vrata will
व्रत n. vrata practice of always eating the same food
व्रत n. vrata holy practice
व्रत n. vrata any food
व्रत n. vrata service
व्रत n. vrata mode or
व्रत n. vrata custom
व्रत n. vrata realm
व्रत n. vrata law
व्रत n. vrata any pious observance
व्रत n. vrata solemn vow
व्रत n. vrata obedience
व्रत n. vrata dominion
व्रत n. vrata religious vow or practice
व्रत n. vrata manner
व्रात n. vrAta day-labour
व्रत n. vrata any vow or firm purpose
व्रतक n. vrataka religious observance
व्रतनी adj. vratanI obedient or bearing the vrata-milk
व्रतपा adj. vratapA upholding or observing religious ordinances or duties
व्रतति f. vratati spreading
व्रतति f. vratati creeper
व्रतति f. vratati creeping plant
व्रतति f. vratati expansion
व्रतति f. vratati extension
व्रतदुह् f. vrataduh cow which gives the vrata-milk
व्रतवत् adj. vratavat fulfilling or performing a religious vow
व्रतवत् adj. vratavat connected with the vrata called mahAvrata
व्रतवत् ind. vratavat like the vrata-milk
व्रतदान n. vratadAna imposing of a vow
व्रतादान n. vratAdAna undertaking a religious vow or obligation
व्रतदान n. vratadAna donation made in consequence of a vow
व्रतादेश m. vratAdeza imposition of a vow
व्रतादेश m. vratAdeza investiture with the sacred cord
व्रतादेश m. vratAdeza direction for undertaking a vrata
व्रतहानि f. vratahAni relinquishment of a religious observance or vow
व्रतलोप m. vratalopa violation of a vow or religious obligation
व्रातमय adj. vrAtamaya consisting of a multitude of
व्रातपत adj. vrAtapata relating or belonging or sacred to vratapati
व्रातपति m. vrAtapati lord of an assemblage or association
व्रतपति m. vratapati lord of religious observances
व्रतरुचि adj. vrataruci devout
व्रतरुचि adj. vrataruci delighting in religious observances
व्रातसाह adj. vrAtasAha conquering hosts or in hosts
व्रतस्थ adj. vratastha engaged in a vow or religious observance
व्रतयति verb vratayati { vrataya } eat together
व्रतयति verb vratayati { vrataya } fast or practise any abstinence in consequence of a vow
व्रतयति verb vratayati { vrataya } avoid certain kinds of food
व्रतयति verb vratayati { vrataya } observe a vow
व्रतयति verb vratayati { vrataya } drink the vrata-milk
व्रतयति verb vratayati { vrataya } eat or drink after a fast
व्रतशेष m. vratazeSa remainder of a religious obs
व्रातभृत adj. vrAtabhRta addressed to god of fire
व्रतचारिन् adj. vratacArin engaged in any religious observance or practice
व्रतचारिन् adj. vratacArin vow-performing
व्रतचर्या f. vratacaryA practice of any religious observance or vow
व्रतचर्य m. vratacarya religious student
व्रतचार्य n. vratacArya performance of vows
व्रतदुघा f. vratadughA cow which gives the vrata-milk
व्रतलुप्त adj. vratalupta one who has broken a vow
व्रतमिश्र adj. vratamizra mixed with vrata-milk
व्रतपत्नी f. vratapatnI mistress of religious observances
व्रतप्रद adj. vrataprada presenting the vrata-milk
व्रतस्नान n. vratasnAna bathing after the completing of a vow
व्रतस्नात adj. vratasnAta one who has bathed after completing a religious vow
व्रतावृत्ति f. vratAvRtti repetition of a vow
व्रतभङ्ग m. vratabhaGga breaking of a promise
व्रतभङ्ग m. vratabhaGga breaking of a vow
व्रतभिक्षा f. vratabhikSA soliciting alms
व्रताचरण n. vratAcaraNa act of observing a vow or religious obligation
व्रतदण्डिन् adj. vratadaNDin bearing a staff in accordance with a vow
व्रतादानीय adj. vratAdAnIya relating to the undertaking of a religious vow
व्रतादेशन n. vratAdezana imposing or undertaking a vow
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