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व्रत्य adj. vratya suitable or belonging to or fit for a religious observance
व्रत्य adj. vratya obedient
व्रत्य adj. vratya faithful
व्रत्य adj. vratya engaged in a religious observance
व्रात्य adj. vrAtya belonging to the vrata called mahAvrata
व्रात्या f. vrAtyA female vrAtya
व्रात्या f. vrAtyA vagrant life
व्रात्य m. vrAtya out-caste
व्रात्य m. vrAtya man of the mendicant or vagrant class
व्रात्य m. vrAtya tramp
व्रात्य m. vrAtya low or vile person
व्रत्य n. vratya food suitable for a fast-day
व्रात्यता f. vrAtyatA condition of a vrAtya
व्रात्यत्व n. vrAtyatva condition of a vrAtya
व्रात्यगण m. vrAtyagaNa vagrant class
व्रात्यब्रुव m. vrAtyabruva one who calls himself a vrAtya
व्रात्यचर्या f. vrAtyacaryA life and practice of a vagrant
व्रात्यधन n. vrAtyadhana property of a vrAtya
व्रात्यस्तोम m. vrAtyastoma particular sacrifice
व्रात्ययज्ञ m. vrAtyayajJa kind of sacrifice
व्रात्यचरण n. vrAtyacaraNa life and practice of a vagrant
व्रात्ययाजक m. vrAtyayAjaka one who sacrifices for a vrAtya
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