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व्याप्य adj. vyApya capable of being attended by any inherent characteristic
व्याप्य adj. vyApya permeable
व्याप्य adj. vyApya penetrable
व्याप्य n. vyApya cause
व्याप्य n. vyApya that which may be the site or locality of universal pervasion or of an invariably concomitant cause or characteristic
व्याप्य n. vyApya crape ginger or Variegated ginger [Costus Speciosus or Arabicus - Bot.]
व्याप्य n. vyApya sign or middle term of an inference
व्याप्य n. vyApya proof or reason
व्याप्यता f. vyApyatA capacity of obtaining
व्याप्यता f. vyApyatA state of being pervaded or attended by
व्याप्यता f. vyApyatA permeableness
व्याप्यते verb pass. vyApyate { vyAp } be permeated
व्याप्यत्व n. vyApyatva state of being pervaded or attended by
व्याप्यत्व n. vyApyatva permeableness
व्याप्यत्व n. vyApyatva capacity of obtaining
व्याप्यमान adj. vyApyamAna being pervaded or permeated or comprehended or included
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