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प्रक्षाल्य indecl. prakSAlya having washed
मुखम् क्षालितम् sent. mukham kSAlitam I washed my face
धौत adj. dhauta washed
उत्तप्त adj. uttapta washed
अवनिक्त adj. avanikta washed
निक्त adj. nikta washed
स्नपित adj. snapita washed
निर्णिक्त adj. nirNikta washed
समभिप्लुत adj. samabhipluta washed
प्रक्षालित adj. prakSAlita washed
पल्पूलित adj. palpUlita washed
स्नात adj. snAta washed
प्रतिस्नात adj. pratisnAta washed
क्षालित adj. kSAlita washed
निज्यते verb pass. nijyate { nij } be washed
धौत adj. dhauta washed off
विक्षालित adj. vikSAlita washed off
निर्धौत adj. nirdhauta washed off
सुप्रक्षालित adj. suprakSAlita well washed
ऊढ adj. UDha washed away
प्लावित adj. plAvita washed away
सुधाक्षालित adj. sudhAkSAlita white washed
आप्लाव्य adj. AplAvya to be washed
सुधाशुभ्र adj. sudhAzubhra white washed
प्रक्षाल्य adj. prakSAlya to be washed
सुधाधौत adj. sudhAdhauta white washed
आप्लाव्य ind. AplAvya having washed
परिशुध्यते verb parizudhyate { parizudh } be washed off
परिशुध्यति verb parizudhyati { parizudh } be washed off
सुधाक्षालित adj. sudhAkSAlita plaster-washed
सुधाक्षालित adj. sudhAkSAlita plaster-washed
प्रवाह्यते verb Pass. pravAhyate { pravah } be washed away
सुनिर्णिक्त adj. sunirNikta well washed off
धवयते verb caus. dhavayate { dhAv } cause be washed
धवयति verb caus. dhavayati { dhAv } cause be washed
सुधाभित्ति f. sudhAbhitti white washed wall
परिमृष्ट adj. parimRSTa wiped or washed away
उत्तरङ्ग adj. uttaraGga washed over by waves
अमृष्ट adj. amRSTa not rubbed or washed
प्रक्षालापयते verb caus. prakSAlApayate { prakSal } have anything washed
प्रक्षाल्य ind. prakSAlya having washed or rinsed
आप्लुत्य ind. Aplutya having bathed or washed
प्रक्षाल्य adj. prakSAlya to be washed or purified
क्षालनीय adj. kSAlanIya to be washed or cleansed
प्रक्षालितपाद adj. prakSAlitapAda having one's feet washed
प्रक्षालितपाणि adj. prakSAlitapANi having one's hands washed
धौतमूल adj. dhautamUla having its roots washed by
आप्लवयति verb Aplavayati { Aplu } cause to be bathed or washed
आप्लावयते verb AplAvayate { Aplu } cause to be bathed or washed
प्रक्षालनीय adj. prakSAlanIya to be washed away or cleansed
अमौत्रधौत adj. amautradhauta not washed with alkaline lye
मालिका f. mAlikA white-washed upper-storied house
मालिका f. mAlikA white-washed upper-storied house
पूयते verb pass. pUyate { pU } be cleaned or washed or purified
पान्नेजन n. pAnnejana vessel in which the feet are washed
मांसधावन n. mAMsadhAvana water in which flesh has been washed
अपस्नान n. apasnAna impure water in which a person has previously washed
धावन n. dhAvana having a garment washed by a man that is not one's kin
ज्येष्ठाम्बु n. jyeSThAmbu scum of boiled rice or water in which grain has been washed
चरणामृत n. caraNAmRta water in which the feet of a Brahman or spiritual guide have been washed
उच्छिष्ट adj. ucchiSTa one who has not washed his hands and mouth and therefore is considered impure
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