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दौर्बल्य n. daurbalya weakness
कानि दौर्बल्यानि भवतः ? sent. kAni daurbalyAni bhavataH ? What are your weaknesses?
दुर्बलबलता f. durbalabalatA weakness
निःशक्ति f. niHzakti weakness
असहनता f. asahanatA weakness
क्लीबता f. klIbatA weakness
जसु f. jasu weakness
मृदुता f. mRdutA weakness
मन्दता f. mandatA weakness
दीनता f. dInatA weakness
अशक्ति m. azakti weakness
अबलिमन् m. abaliman weakness
उपघात m. upaghAta weakness
विषाद m. viSAda weakness
साद m. sAda weakness
विस्रंस m. visraMsa weakness
तनिमन् m. taniman weakness
कार्पण्य n. kArpaNya weakness
षण्ढत्व n. SaNDhatva weakness
अबल्य n. abalya weakness
मान्द्य n. mAndya weakness
काश्मल्य n. kAzmalya weakness
वैकल्य n. vaikalya weakness
अनैश्वर्य n. anaizvarya weakness
मान्थर्य n. mAntharya weakness
क्लैब्य n. klaibya weakness
असामर्थ्य n. asAmarthya weakness
अन्तर n. antara weakness
मार्दव n. mArdava weakness
दूषण n. dUSaNa weakness
आबल्य n. Abalya weakness
कश्मल n. kazmala weakness
अबल n. abala weakness
शैथिल्य n. zaithilya weakness
वैक्लव्य n. vaiklavya mental weakness
हृदयदौर्बल्य n. hRdayadaurbalya weakness of heart
ऊरुग्लानि f. UruglAni weakness of the thigh
लघुसत्त्वता f. laghusattvatA weakness of character
अग्निसाद m. agnisAda weakness of digestion
ऊरुसाद m. UrusAda weakness of the thigh
हृदयक्लम m. hRdayaklama weakness of the heart
पुनर्बाल n. punarbAla weakness from old age
पुनर्बाल्य n. punarbAlya weakness from old age
सारासार n. sArAsAra strength and weakness
बलाबल n. balAbala strength and weakness
स्मृतिशैथिल्य n. smRtizaithilya weakness or loss of memory
इन्द्रियघात m. indriyaghAta weakness of the organs of sense
मन्दत्व n. mandatva weakness of the digestive faculty
अनेकरन्ध्र adj. anekarandhra having many holes or weaknesses or troubles
सकील m. sakIla one who from sexual weakness causes his wife to have intercourse with another man before cohabiting with her himself
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