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सङ्घातक adj. saGghAtaka well-conducted
सवृत्त adj. savRtta well-conducted
साधुचरण adj. sAdhucaraNa well-conducted
सुनीथ adj. sunItha well-conducted
सुमङ्गल adj. sumaGgala well-conducted
सदाचार adj. sadAcAra well-conducted
सुचरित adj. sucarita well-conducted
सुप्रतिपन्न adj. supratipanna well-conducted
सुवृत्त adj. suvRtta well-conducted
सद्वृत्त adj. sadvRtta well-conducted
साचार adj. sAcAra well-conducted
सुचरित्र adj. sucaritra well-conducted
सुकृत adj. sukRta well-conducted
आचारवत् adj. AcAravat well-conducted
स्वाचरण adj. svAcaraNa well-conducted
सम्यग्वृत्त adj. samyagvRtta well-conducted
सच्चरित adj. saccarita well-conducted
सुचरितिन् adj. sucaritin well-conducted
साधुवृत्ति adj. sAdhuvRtti well-conducted
धीर adj. dhIra well-conducted
सविनय adj. savinaya well-conducted
सदाचारवत् adj. sadAcAravat well-conducted
सुनीति adj. sunIti well-conducted
सुनीत adj. sunIta well-conducted
शीलवत् adj. zIlavat well-conducted
सुनय m. sunaya well-conducted
साधुवृत्तता f. sAdhuvRttatA being well-conducted
साधुवृत्तिता f. sAdhuvRttitA being well-conducted
साधुवृत्त m. sAdhuvRtta well-conducted person
साध्वाचार adj. sAdhvAcAra well-conducted conducted
शीलवृत्त adj. zIlavRtta virtuous and well-conducted
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