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यत्किमपि indecl. yatkimapi whatever
यत्र तत्र indecl. yatra tatra in whatever place
यत्र तत्रापि phrase yatra tatrApi to whatever place
न कथञ्चित् ind. na kathaJcit in no way whatever
यत्र तत्र indecl. yatra tatra to any place whatever
यथा भवान् इच्छति sent. yathA bhavAn icchati I am game for whatever you say.
सः स्वपत्न्याः वचनं सर्वदा आङ्गीकृतवान् sent. saH svapatnyAH vacanaM sarvadA AGgIkRtavAn He always agreed with whatever his wife said.
किञ्चित्क adj. kiJcitka whatever
यद् ind. yad whatever
तत्र ind. tatra in whatever
यस्मिंस्तस्मिन् indecl. yasmiMstasmin in whatever
सर्वथा adverb sarvathA in whatever way
यथाकारम् ind. yathAkAram in whatever way
यथारूप adj. yathArUpa of whatever form
अन्यतरान्यतर adj. anyatarAnyatara of whatever kind
यादृश adj. yAdRza any one whatever
तत्र ind. tatra to whatever place
यथावीर्य adj. yathAvIrya of whatever strength
यथानाम adj. yathAnAma having whatever name
यादृग्गुण adj. yAdRgguNa of whatever qualities
यथाभाव adj. yathAbhAva having whatever nature
यत्किञ्चिद्दुःख n. yatkiJcidduHkha pains of whatever kind
तृणगणायते verb tRNagaNAyate { tRNagaNAya } have no value whatever
तृणगणायते verb tRNagaNAyate { tRNagaNAya } have no value whatever
यत्किञ्चनकारक adj. yatkiJcanakAraka doing anything whatever
यथाविध adj. yathAvidha of whatever kind or sort
सर्वथाविषय adj. sarvathAviSaya in whatever way appearing
यादृश् adj. yAdRz of whatever kind or nature
यावतिथ adj. yAvatitha to whatever place or point
तथा ind. tathA yathA tathA in whatever way
यत्किंअपिसङ्कल्प m. yatkiMapisaGkalpa desire for anything whatever
क्व ind. kva in any case or matter whatever
यथाजातीयक adj. yathAjAtIyaka of such a kind of whatever kind
अभूत adj. abhUta whatever has not been or happened
यथाकारिन् adj. yathAkArin acting in such or in whatever way
सर्वारण्यक adj. sarvAraNyaka living on whatever a forest affords
अग्रेवध m. agrevadha hitting or killing whatever is in front
यथात्मक adj. yathAtmaka conformable to or having whatever nature
सर्वादि adj. sarvAdi having any kind of commencement whatever
जातवेदस् adj. jAtavedas having whatever is born or created as his property
और्ध्वदेहिक n. aurdhvadehika whatever is offered or performed on a person's decease
तथा ind. tathA yathA yathA -- tathA tathA in whatever manner or degree-in that manner or degree the more-the more
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