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केन ind. kena whence?
किम् indecl. kim whence?
कुतः interr. ad kutaH whence?
कथा ind. kathA how? whence? why?
कुतस् ind. kutas from where? whence?
कथम् ind. katham how? in what manner? whence?
किम् ind. kim what? how? whence? wherefore? why?
यतस् adverb yatas whence
कस्मात् indecl. kasmAt whence?
कुतस्तम adj. kutastama coming from whence
पराप adj. parApa whence water has retired
परेप adj. parepa any place whence the water has receded
उच्चारणस्थान n. uccAraNasthAna part of the throat whence certain sounds proceed
काण्ड adj. kANDa part of the trunk of a tree whence the branches proceed
सन्दान n. sandAna that part of an elephant's temples whence the fluid called mada issues
अव्यक्त n. avyakta primordial element or productive principle whence all the phenomena of the material world are developed
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