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यदा conj. yadA whenever
यदाकदापि indecl. yadAkadApi whenever
यदा इच्छसि तदा यथेष्टकाले आगच्छ sent. yadA icchasi tadA yatheSTakAle Agaccha Come whenever you want.
यदा भवती सज्जा भवति तदा अहम् अपि सज्जः भवामि | sent. yadA bhavatI sajjA bhavati tadA aham api sajjaH bhavAmi | I am also ready whenever you(f) are.
कदा adverb kadA whenever
क्व ind. kva whenever
यर्हि ind. yarhi whenever
यथावस्थम् ind. yathAvastham whenever the same circumstances occur
सनातन m. sanAtana one who must always be fed whenever he attends zrAddhas
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