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कुत्र ind. kutra wherefore?
किम् indecl. kim wherefore?
कस्मात् indecl. kasmAt wherefore?
किम् ind. kim wherefore then?
किम् चिरेण ? expr. kim cireNa ? wherefore delay?
किम् ind. kim what? how? whence? wherefore? why?
किमर्थम् ind. kimartham from what motive? what for? wherefore? why?
यतस् adverb yatas wherefore
यदर्थम् ind. yadartham wherefore
येन ind. yena wherefore
यदर्थे ind. yadarthe wherefore
यन्निमित्तम् ind. yannimittam wherefore
इति ind. iti wherefore
यत्कारणम् ind. yatkAraNam wherefore
यत्कृते ind. yatkRte wherefore
अकस्मात् ind. akasmAt without a why or a wherefore
कुतस् ind. kutas wherefore? why? from what cause or motive? because
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