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किम् indecl. kim which?
कतमं गृहम् ? n. katamaM gRham ? which house?
कतर adj. katara which of two?
कः विद्यालयः? phrase kaH vidyAlayaH? which school?
कुत्र interr. ad kutra to which place?
कस्यां कक्ष्यायाम् sent. kasyAM kakSyAyAm In which class?
कतर interr. adj. katara which of the two?
कस्मिन् महाविद्यालये phrase kasmin mahAvidyAlaye In which college?
उच्छैः indecl. ucchaiH which can be heard
किञ्ज्योतिस् adj. kiJjyotis having which light?
कतमा त्वदीया लेखनी? sent. katamA tvadIyA lekhanI? Which pen is yours?
अद्य कः वारः ? sentence adya kaH vAraH ? Which day is today?
तयोः कतमस्मै ? expr. tayoH katamasmai ? to which of the two?
कतम adj. katama who or which of many?
तव देशः कः ? sent. tava dezaH kaH ? Which is your country?
तव देशः कतमः? sent. tava dezaH katamaH? Which is your country?
अन्तिमदिनाङ्कः कदा? sent. antimadinAGkaH kadA? Which is the last date? [e.g, for payment of fees]
भवान् / भवती कस्यां कक्ष्यायां पठति? sent. bhavAn / bhavatI kasyAM kakSyAyAM paThati? Which class are you in?
भवतः ग्रामः? sent. bhavataH grAmaH? (Which is) your village?
पञ्चदशदिनाङ्के कः वासरः? sent. paJcadazadinAGke kaH vAsaraH? Which / What day is 15th?
कतरतस् ind. kataratas on which of the two sides?
कः अयम् महान् सौधः? sent. kaH ayam mahAn saudhaH? Which is this big mansion?
किञ्छन्दस् adj. kiJchandas conversant with which veda?
कुतस् ind. kutas whereto? in which direction?
किंसङ्ख्याकं यानं जयनगरं गच्छति? sent. kiMsaGkhyAkaM yAnaM jayanagaraM gacchati? Which bus goes to Jayanagar?
सर्वः वृत्तान्तः m. sarvaH vRttAntaH everything which has happened
केन यानेन आगतवती ? sent. kena yAnena AgatavatI ? By which train did you(f) come?
कतरथा ind. katarathA in which of two manners or ways?
मल्लेश्वरं गन्तुं कः मार्गः? sent. mallezvaraM gantuM kaH mArgaH? Which is the way to Malleswaram?
श्वः किम् दिनम् इति जानासि ? sent. zvaH kim dinam iti jAnAsi ? Do you know which day is tomorrow?
भवतः जन्मदिनाङ्कः कः? sent. bhavataH janmadinAGkaH kaH? Which / What is your date of birth?
कुत्र ind. kutra where? whereto? in which case? when?
देवनागरी f. devanAgarI the script in which Sanskrit is written
भवान् कस्मिन् स्थाने नियुक्तः अस्ति? sent. bhavAn kasmin sthAne niyuktaH asti? Which post do you occupy in the office?
मल्लेश्वरयानस्य का सङ्ख्या? sent. mallezvarayAnasya kA saGkhyA? Which bus (Route No.) goes to Malleswaram?
गान्धर्व m. gAndharva marriage which requires only mutual agreement
कतम adj. katama hence it may occasionally be used for who or which of two?
किङ्कर्तव्यता f. kiGkartavyatA any situation or circumstances in which one asks one's self what ought to be done?
यक adj. yaka which
कतमा f katamA which
यद् ind. yad which
यत् indecl. yat which
कतमः m. katamaH which
कतमम् n. katamam which
अभिनिष्टान m. abhiniSTAna Visarga [\'sound which dies away\']
प्रतिमुख n. pratimukha Epitasis [part of a play in which the main action develops]
केनापि ind. kenApi whichever
यद् ind. yad whichever
यादृक्ष adj. yAdRkSa which like
यादृश् adj. yAdRz which like
यस्मात् ind. yasmAt from which
अभ्युपैति verb abhyupaiti { abhyupe } agree with
यद् तद् adverb yad tad whichsoever
तावत् indecl. tAvat up to which
कृष्णधन n. kRSNadhana black money [income on which tax is avoided by illegal means]
यतम adj. yatama who or which
यतर adj. yatara who or which
यद्वत् ind. yadvat in which way
येन ind. yena by which way
कथम् indecl. katham in which way
सामवेद m. sAmaveda two of which
सत् n. sat which exists
यद्विध adj. yadvidha of which kind
यद्विद्वस् adj. yadvidvas knowing which
यावन्मात्र adj. yAvanmAtra of which size
यत्र ind. yatra in which case
यर्हि ind. yarhi at which time
कतम् pron. adj. katam which of many
कुत्र indecl. kutra in which place
यत्कुल adj. yatkula of which family
यद्वीर्य adj. yadvIrya of which valour
यत्पराक्रम adj. yatparAkrama of which valour
कीदृश adj. kIdRza in which manner
यन्मूल adj. yanmUla rooted in which
येन ind. yena in which manner
यतस् adverb yatas for which reason
सम्प्रजाता f. samprajAtA which has calved
यद्धेतोस् ind. yaddhetos on which account
येन ind. yena on which account
यदर्थे ind. yadarthe on which account
यस्मात् ind. yasmAt from which cause
यन्निमित्तम् ind. yannimittam for which reason
यदवधि ind. yadavadhi since which time
यत्कृते ind. yatkRte for which reason
यदर्थम् ind. yadartham on which account
येन instr. rel. pron. yena for which reason [on account of which]
यन्नामन् adj. yannAman having which name
यत्सेन adj. yatsena having which army
यदन्न adj. yadanna eating which food
सञ्छादनी f. saJchAdanI that which covers
यदर्थे ind. yadarthe for which purpose
यदर्थम् ind. yadartham for which purpose
येन ind. yena by means of which
यत्र ind. yatra on which occasion
यद्धेतोस् ind. yaddhetos from which reason
मेघनादिन् m. meghanAdin car which rumbles
यच्छन्दस् adj. yacchandas having which metre
यत्क्रतु adj. yatkratu forming which plan
यतस् adverb yatas from which or what
येन ind. yena in which direction
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